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Slick Rock establishes luxury standards for tanning beds and booths. We provide a comprehensive range, from entry-level tanning beds to high-performance beds.

Experience our Luxe Club or Wellness Club to access every bed and achieve your ultimate results.

We're dedicated to transforming how our clients look and feel through affordable state-of-the-art wellness services.



Introducing our Instant High Pressure! The 99% UVA quickly enhances your existing melanin, delivering instant results surpassing any other sunbed. The open-air design ensures a cool, non-claustrophobic experience, providing visible results after just one session. If you crave a beach day but lack the time in your busy schedule, this is your solution! Plus, no worries about sand! Try it today and start your journey to becoming the radiant bronze beauty you are!



The ideal trio technology blends Red, Blue, and UV Light for comprehensive anti-aging and tanning outcomes. It boasts 5-10 times more power than the Quick beds, allowing you to achieve your desired tan in just 2-4 sessions. Stimulate collagen production, reduce acne inflammation, and unwind in our temprotronic tanning bed—all while enjoying uplifting music to energize you for the day! Give it a try today and experience improved looks and feelings in our quick 10-minute sessions.



This hybrid technology seamlessly integrates UV and Red Light for comprehensive anti-aging and tanning benefits. With 5-10 times more potency than the Quick beds, you can attain your desired tan in just 2-5 sessions. Induce collagen production while unwinding in our air-conditioned tanning beds, accompanied by music that energizes and prepares you for the day! Try it today and experience an enhanced look and feel in our quick 10-minute sessions.



Tailored for all skin types, this sunbed ensures even those with fairer skin can enjoy and benefit from its services. The aromatherapy breeze not only cools you down but also contributes to a stunning base tan. Relax in our Sun Angel, experiencing the sensation of being gently kissed by the sun. For an added touch, you can opt for a refreshing mist on your face! Treat yourself to a personalized tanning experience and start reaping the benefits today!

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With expedited sessions, users can attain their desired tan in a shorter timeframe, benefiting those with busy schedules or limited time for tanning. Faster tanning beds offer enhanced convenience, allowing for shorter sessions that easily fit into a hectic day. This can be particularly attractive for individuals seeking quick tanning breaks during lunch or between other activities. Experience it today and achieve a stunning tan in record time!

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Optimize your tan with expedited sessions, tailored for busy individuals with limited time. These tanning beds offer unmatched convenience, allowing for abbreviated sessions that seamlessly integrate into a hectic lifestyle. Perfect for those seeking rapid tanning solutions during brief breaks or amidst a bustling day. Embrace the experience now and unveil a flawless tan in record time!



The open design ensures a spacious and cool tanning experience. With a high-intensity session that is 3-5 times more potent than our Quick beds, you can achieve a base tan in just 4-7 sessions while luxuriating in the light and comfortable tanning service.



With faster tanning sessions, users can achieve their desired tan in a shorter period. This is especially beneficial for individuals with busy schedules or limited time available for tanning. Enjoy achieving a base tan in 7-10 sessions, and maintaining it with 2-3. Our Quicker bed is 2-3x more powerful than our Quick beds. Experience it all while listening to music in surround sound and keeping cool with a body and facial breeze.



Introducing our Budget Bronzer, the Quick Sunbed! Ideal for those looking to bronze without breaking the bank, it offers the longest tanning session available. Perfect for those with some time to spare, this bed is particularly suited for beginner tanners aiming to build a base tan in 10-14 sessions. Enjoy a cool and comfortable experience with adjustable body and facial air as you take a well-deserved break from your day.

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