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Full Body Red Light Therapy

Look and feel years younger with the two-in-one anti-aging and total body enhancement Beauty Angel booth

Full Body Red Light Therapy


  • 12 minutes of full-body red light therapy combined with 10 minutes of simulataneous whole-body vibration 

  • Red light emitted at 633 nanometers wavelength is clinically proven to stimulate the fibroblasts (skin cells) to produce collagen, strengthen elastin, and noticeably improve the cellular matrix of your skin

  • In the first 4 weeks of use, fine lines will diminish, skin will feel smoother, natural moisture levels will increase, and pigmentation issues like acne and blemishes will start disappearing 

  • After 12 weeks, improved oxygenation and detoxification of the skin is achieved as the vascular walls of the skin’s small blood vessels are strengthened, followed by improved natural repair and creation of healthy skin

  • Long term, 2-3 sessions weekly will restore and firm up tired looking skin, decrease fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks, diminish freckles, age spots, eliminate acne, even out pigmentation, minimize the size of facial pores, and stimulate collagen synthesis creating a more youthful appearance

  •  Whole body vibration strengthens the core, tones muscles (especially the thigh/glutes area), increases metabolism, and boosts micro-circulation, which increases effectiveness of RLT


  • Surround cooling plus keeps you cool and comfortable 

  • Open air design feels spacious and light

  • 3D Sound System with Bluetooth Connect & MP3 Aux


  • UV Therapy 

  • Spray Tanning 

  • Cocoon Wellness Pod

  • Massage

  • CryoLounge+

  • Collagenetics Skin Care System


  • 3x weekly

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