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Quicker Beds

The Quicker level provides upgraded comfort features and 2-3x better results than Quick beds, producing even tanning results and an enjoyable tanning experience. A popular option for those looking to achieve a base tan, the Quicker beds enable you to adjust A/C ventilation, facial tanners, and music selection via MP3, all in a short 12-minute tan time. 


12-minute maximum session

7-10  visits to build a base tan

2-3 visits per week to maintain

2-3x better results than Quick Beds



Facial Lamps

Air-conditioning & adjustable body ventilation

Stereo Sound Plus with MP3 Player

High Pressure Facial Lamps

with adjustable output provide tanners with the ability to customize the facial tanning intensity or turn the lamps off entirely if they prefer not to tan their face


provides cooled air under the acrylic and in the tanning tunnel to keep tanners cool and comfortable during sessions – no need to break a sweat to achieve great tanning results

Adjustable Body

ventilation enables tanners to customize the volume of air flow over their body for maximum comfort during tanning sessions

Adjustable Facial Fans

allows tanners to control cool air flow over the face region for maximum comfort

Stereo Sound Plus with MP3

player dock-in and volume control enables tanners to plug and play music from their phone or MP3 player during tanning sessions via auxiliary input

Low Pressure, Medium Intensity

lamps provide approximately 95% UVA to 5% UVB output which mimics the natural sun in a controlled environment

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