NY Cocktail: Instant Bed + Spray Tan

NY Cocktail: Instant Bed + Spray Tan

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What better way to ring in the New Year than with a perfect, glowing complexion?! Partake in a Slick Rock NY Cocktail and go forth feeling like a bronzed babe in under 30 minutes! Enjoy a tan in ANY level sunbed (we recommend our Instant HP) immediately followed by a sunless Spray Tan for instant, glowing color that will last 5-9 days! Reg. $65, on special until 1/16/2021 for just $20.21!


*Both visits must be used same day, by same person

*Limit 1 per client


Our Instant level sunbeds redefine luxury and take tanning to new heights. These beds feature cutting edge technology and unmatched tanning performance that leaves guests awestruck. Are you ready to kick it up a notch? Experience ultimate relaxation and the deepest, most even tan possible. 



These beds are perfect for those who crave instant results. The Instant level is the ideal choice for beginners to our advanced tanners who desire the strongest tanning performance. These beds deliver long-lasting color with very little maintenance and are perfect for our most discerning guests who value luxury, comfort and a truly impressive experience above all else.



The Instant Alpha delivers a true hybrid tanning experience, combining the perfect mix of UVA, UVB & Redlight spectrums to achieve an optimal balance between the desired tanning & skin care results. Requiring 30% less UV light to achieve optimal pigment bronzing, this Instant bed provides deep color and anti-aging benefits simultaneously throughout your session. 


The Instant Prestige is a true powerhouse which features Dynamic Performance Technology, which keeps the UV output constant over the life of the lamps, ensuring a perfect tan every time. Ultra Performance facial tanners are the strongest, yet most comfortable on the market today, providing unmatched tanning results with minimal heat.


The Instant HP features 30 Ultra Performance Facial Tanners that perfectly surround your body while specialized filter glass blocks all but 1% of UVB light, allowing this bed to deliver deeper bronzing results and minimize reddening of the skin.



  • Multi-relax acrylic

  • 360 degree tanning

  • Open air design (HP)

  • Aqua Mist

  • Aroma

  • Temptronic Air Conditioning

  • Ultra-wide Bodyform acrylic

  • 3D Sound w/ MP3 connect and/or Bluetooth

  • NFC Personal Comfort

  • Optimized facial and body air

  • Shoulder Tanners

  • Neck Reflectors

  • Adjustablce Ultra Performance Facial Tanners



  • 10-12 minute maximum session

  • 2-3 visits to build a base tan

  • 2-4 visits per month to maintain

  • 5-10x better results than Quick beds


10% Tan Tax Applies

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