20.21% Cal Tan Bronzer + Moisturizer and Leg Bronzer FREE

20.21% Cal Tan Bronzer + Moisturizer and Leg Bronzer FREE

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This exclusive offer saves you 20.21% on one of our most popular bronzing tanning lotions, CT Seven PLUS you get CT 415 Cali Moisturizer and CT 707 Cali Leg Bronzer FREE! ($47 value!) 


CT Seven Bronzer 8.5oz | $116

Fragrance: Fresh Ocean Breeze with White Jasmine, Ideal for all skin types
• Smart Technology thinks for your skin and targets the seven key components to an exceptional tan: Oxygen, Energy, Copper, Zinc, H2O, Electrolytes & Antioxidants 
• CuO2 (copper oxide) is a known anti-aging, healing and biocidal ingredient that helps synthesize and stabilize skin proteins and fight off free-radicals, preventing the effects of harmful organisms on the skin aka skin damage
• TRF (Tissue Respiratory Factor) is a skin care complex composed of amino acids, mono- and di-saccharides, vitamins, phosphorus that serve as healing agents, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and regenerate cells on the lower levels of the skin.
• Proprietary Delivery System provides a lightweight, silky-smooth feel and helps distribute tanning ingredients evenly over the skin for improved absorption and efficacy

• Blend of Cosmetic and DHA Bronzers provides an instant glow while also developing a darker, longer-lasting deep tan

• Formulated to Combat Against ATO (after tan odor)

CT 415 Cali Moisturizer 16oz | $26

Fragrance: Bay Breeze
• Aloe Vera and Shea Butter soak skin in intense hydration and provide a long-lasting beautiful glow 
• Sea Salt contains essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron to help nourish the skin 

CT 707 Cali Leg Bronzer 3oz | $21

Fragrance: Valley in Bloom
• Contains CuO2, TRF, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter & Sea Salt (see above)

 • A Blend of Caffeine from three different origins helps tone the legs and energize the skin, improving circulation for improved tanning results
• Toning Technology provides a special blend of bronzers designed to hide imperfections and boost dark color development in hard-to-tan legs
• Cali Blend™ provides anti-inflammatory action for young-looking skin



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