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Skin Hydration

Combines infrared heat with dense topical steam, vibratory massage and relaxing chromotherapy during a 20-minute session which opens the pores and replenishes moisture at a deeper level. Just one session per week will help maximize the benefits of your daily moisturizer, protect and prolong your tan, and give you baby soft skin.




Revitalize dry, dehydrated skin and decrease harmful toxins in the skin with a Skin Hydration treatment. The proprietary combination of radiant heat and steam, combined with vitamins and nutrients from your chosen skin care product, creates the ultimate skin conditioning and rejuvenation treatment, leaving your skin feeling baby soft and glowing.


Maximize and prolong UV and sunless tanning results with regular Skin Hydration treatments. The increased moisture will promote an even skin tone and radiant glow, enhance DHA, vitamin and nutrient absorption, and lend to healthier, more hydrated skin, which is the foundation of a great tan. 


Prepare your skin for a deeper, longer-lasting color by doing a Skin Hydration treatment before your tanning session. This will allow your tanning lotion to be absorbed more effectively into your skin, thereby increasing UV penetration. Additionally, the treatment helps increase micro-circulation, creating a natural "tingle factor", but without the hot sensation. For best results, apply your tanning accelerator prior to your Skin Hydration treatment, then immediately follow with a UV tan.


The Skin Hydration combines infrared heat, vibratory massage and dense topical steam in a relaxing 20-minute session. The avatar-like pod transports your mind as your body is enveloped in steam and radiant heat, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Adjustable vibration massage, facial air and LED color technology let you create the perfect customized session. 



Using the skin hydration in conjunction with UV and Spray tanning can help to prolong your color.


20-minute session

Infrared heat, adjustable to 115 degrees

Adjustable massage

Cool facial air

Stereo w/ MP3 connection


1. Drink lots of water.  Pod heats to 115 degrees.

2. Come prepared to relax!

Whole Body Treatment

combines radiant heat, steam and vibratory massage to promote an improvement in the appearance of the skin, enhance tanning color, moisturization and prolong the results of UV and sunless tanning sessions


stimulates perspiration and dilates the pores of the skin, allowing for improved absorption of skin care products including accelerators, moisturizers, and sunless intensifiers. The dense topical steam acts like a blanket of moisture, enveloping the skin and creating long-lasting hydration

Infrared Panels

in the canopy harness radiant heat energy, providing enhanced skin hydration, cleansing and supreme relaxation as temperatures rise to 118o Fahrenheit during the session. Plus, by raising the body’s core temperature, clients can burn up to 300 calories in a single treatment

Adjustable Cool Facial Air

allows clients to adjust air flow over the facial region, remaining cool and comfortable while the rest of the body from the neck down is enveloped in radiant heat and dense, topical steam

Vibratory Massage Bed

enables clients to experience muscle relaxation, relief of minor aches and pains, and improve local blood circulation by selecting from adjustable rhythms and a range of intensities from delicate to intense vibration


Strategically placed LEDs blanket the whole body in atmospheric colored light which generates a variety of mood enhancing benefits, leaving clients in a state of harmony and balance

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